2015: Year of the Deadlands

As a New Year Dawns, the Deadlands Descend Upon Us All!

They say it’s always darkest before the dawn, amigo, but this year that might just be proven wrong! As 2015 dawns, the darkness of the Deadlands shall descend on comic book shops, game stores, and book stores around the world, with more western-horror than you can shake a six-gun at!

We mentioned last week that the direct market IDW edition of Dead Man’s Hand is now officially available for pre-order at your local comics retailer, and it will be up for grabs through to the end of January. Retailers have to pick and choose from a ton of books every month, so the only way to make sure you get your copy when it releases in March is to go NOW and pre-order.

Ordering online? Include this direct link to PREVIEWS, and order code JAN150543.

Going to your local shop? Just download, print, & fill out this PRE-ORDER FORM then hand it to your retailer and you’re good to go! Yep, that easy.

Once you pre-order, post “I just got dealt the #DeadMansHand at (name of your retailer)” on your favorite social media site. (Include a pic if you like.) Then email us the link to your posting at PreOrderPromo@visionarycomics.com.

When you do, you’ll get a return email with links to download a FREE PDF copy of Deadlands: The Kid and a Deadlands Reloaded book of your choice! (Books available through this promotion are listed below.)

Yep, two books FREE just for ordering one! We’re already getting hits on this special campaign so make sure you get yours and fill your local retailer in so they can shoot for their own prize!
That’s right, Retailers, we’ve got something special for you too. Whichever store gets the most posts on our little gift giveaway will win a COMPLETE Visionary Comics’ print library! Yep, two copies of each of our trade collections, including both volumes of Headlocked,  and Visions, as well as Frog Princess, a limited collector’s exclusive edition of Dead Man’s Hand, and our Kickstarter exclusive volume Deadlands: Raven. We’ll even throw in a copy of our next exclusive volume, The Cacklerwhen it releases! As a final bonus, you’ll get an autographed collector’s pack of the original one-shots, including signatures by most of the creators. That’s a market value of over $300 worth of collectible comics! So, keep the forms handy, tell folks about the promotions, and make sure all your horror-western fans know about Dead Man’s Hand! They’ll thank you for it!

List of Available Deadlands: Reloaded Titles:
  • Bad Times on the Good Night
  • Coffin Rock
  • Deadlands Trail Guides Volume 1
  • Deluge
  • Devil's Night
  • Don't Drink the Water
  • For Whom the Whistle Blows
  • Ghost Towns
  • Grim Prairie Trails
  • Guess Who's Coming to Donner
  • High Plains Drovers
  • Marshal's Handbook
  • Marshal's Handbook Ext. Edition
  • Murder on the Hellstromme Express
  • Player's Guide
  • Player's Guide Ext. Edition
  • Range War
  • Return to Manitou Bluff
  • Saddle Sore
  • Smith and Robards Catalog
  • South O' The Border
  • Temple of the Sun
  • The Flood
  • The Great Northwest
  • The Inheritors
  • The Last Sons

Interview With Deadlands’ Creator Shane Hensley: Part II

VIS: Welcome Back Gang! As we close out 2014, we wanted to make sure we wrapped this in depth interview between the two top guns of Pinnacle and Visionary! Last time, Visionary’s own CCO C. Edward Sellner, interviewed Deadlands creator Shane Hensley about the game and all the  great developments coming at you this coming year. This time, we talk a little more with both about the next phase! Alright gents, last time we just mentioned the coming of THE CACKLER, the next Deadlands Kickstarter Graphic Novel. So, let’s pick up right where we left off. Why now? Why a graphic novel?

SH: We’ve been chasing a live action show as well as the animated show I talked about for almost 20 years at this point. We’re also coming up on the 20th anniversary of Deadlands, and we’ve got some really big plans for the roleplaying game. We also now have a partner in you folks at Visionary that really gets what we’re trying to do and has a long-term plan for our comics and fiction.

CES: Well, mostly thanks to such a great partner there! All of us at the studio absolutely love the property, we love the backstory, the richness of the world, and all the great villains. The first round of one-shots was really the highlight of the studio’s history as far as we’re concerned, a chance to really strut what we could do with the right brand.

SH: The first foray into our comics had some tremendous talent, one of which was Bart Sears. When Chuck asked if I’d like to finally tell the story of the Cackler with Bart, there was no way I could say no.

VIS: What’s it been like working with Bart and Visionary?

SH: I’ve been reading comics for over 40 years…since I could read…so getting to write a real meaty book like this is a treat all on its own. Chuck Sellner (and Brand Manager Matt Cutter) have really helped me hone whatever skill I might have and I think people will love the end result of what is truly a team effort. That was before I saw Bart’s art—particularly the initial shot of the Cackler, and later his crew. It’s been the screen saver on my computer for over a month now! But it goes beyond just cool characters. Bart took the first few pages of the script we wrote and made a few changes—changes we all instantly agreed were even better. He truly is a natural and visual storyteller, and if fans like the book that eventually sits in their hands, it will be first because of the great editing and advice by Matt and Chuck, and by Bart’s eye for making those words flow into the visual medium.

VIS: And how about your end Chuck? What’s it like working with Shane and Bart on this book?

CES: Shane is one of the greatest guys I’ve ever known. He’s a top notch creator, and really gets the process. This is his world, his story, but his willingness to let the comic guys help craft the final product says a lot. And of course, Bart is one of my idols in comics. I’ve loved his art since forever, and as great as it was having him on Death Was Silent, working directly with him, and coloring his art is a new high mark in my own career.

VIS: Where does Deadlands go from here?

SH: There is so much on the horizon. In addition to the Dead Man’s Hand direct edition and The Cackler from Visionary, this year sees the release of the novels from Tor, written by New York Times Bestselling Authors Jonathan Maberry, Jeff Marriotte, and Seanan McGuire—we’re SUPER excited about that. We’re also gearing up for the 20th anniversary and a brand new surprise and direction for the game—some of which stems directly from the tale of the Cackler. There’s support for our Deadlands spinoffs Hell on Earth and Noir, and re-release of the original “Deadlands in Space,” Lost Colony. And there’s a whole new Deadlands setting coming in the next few years as well we think people will really go nuts for. And if we’re lucky, we’ll have another crack at that television show or feature we’ve been chasing so long.

My Comic Life Debuts January 4th

New Ongoing Strip-Series Debuts with new strips every Sunday! Visionary's Chief Creative Officer is about to open the door to see life behind the scenes at up and coming studio Visionary Comics, with a twist. This new weekly strip debuts on our web-comics portal January 4th, with new strips being added every Sunday! Get a glimpse into the wild, wacky and downright hilarious life of a comic creator, by C. Edward Sellner, with lettering and design by Jacob Bascle! Each new strip will be featured on our Webcomics Page, and the entire series will be FREE through our site!

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Deadlands’ 20th Anniversary Begins Here!

Visionary Deals Winning Hand with Deadlands

Graphic Novel Based On The Wildly Popular RPG Coming March 2015

San Diego, CA (December 16, 2014) – Get ready, as award-winning publisher IDW brings Dead Man’s Hand, the first original collection of the hit Deadlands series to comic shops in March 2015! Based on the popular Deadlands RPG, created by Shane Hensley and Pinnacle Entertainment, and produced by Visionary Comics, the series embodies all the best of horror, western and steampunk in a world filled with creatures of the night, mad science and mysticism!

Deadlands Volume 1: Dead Man’s Hand brings together a who’s-who of superstar horror-western comic talent to launch this unique series that laid the groundwork for every horror-western series since! Join High Moon’s David Gallaher and Steve Ellis as they tell the tale of a cursed weapon created to kill the devil in Devil’s Six Gun. Journey with All-Star Western’s creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and Shinku’s Lee Moder on a young Shamaness’ quest for vengeance in Massacre at Redwing. Duck low for Witchblade’s Ron Marz and Superman / Wonder Woman’s Bart Sears as they tell of a heroic ranger who sets out to kill a whole town in Death Was Silent. Then dive into Desperados’ Jeff Mariotte and Golly’s Brook Turner’s love tale drowned in horror in Black Water.

But that ain’t all! For the first time in the comic market, this volume contains two brand new short stories penned by Deadlands' creator Shane Hensley and Brand Manager Matt Cutter, who show us What a Man’s Gotta Do and how to be Vengeful. And for the first time ANYWHERE, get an exclusive sneak peek at the first, original Deadlands novel, Ghostwalkers by New York Times’ best-selling author Jonathan Maberry, to be published by Tor Books in Fall of 2015 (More EXCLUSIVE details below)! This amazing new adventure launches the new Tor novel line for Deadlands scheduled with releases into 2017!

The trade paperback collection will be available for pre-orders in the January Previews Catalog, Diamond Order Code #JAN150543. Make sure you let your local retailer know you want to get dealt the DEAD MAN’S HAND, and tell them that it’s a killer book.
Visionary and Pinnacle will be kicking off a special pre-order incentive campaign next week with major prizes for fans and retailers!

Deadlands: Ghostwalkers Announced

Tor Books Announces the first Deadlands Novel by New York Times best-selling and multiple Bram Stoker Award winning author Jonathan Maberry for Fall - 2015

Available for order in the January Tor Catalog, Pinnacle Entertainment and Visionary Comics' proudly announces the first of three original novels based in the Deadlands universe!
This first title, by Jonathan Maberry promises a 'rip-roaring' adventure like none other. More details coming soon, but you can get an EXCLUSIVE preview of the book in the IDW Dead Man's Hand available for pre-order now and on sale in March.

Deadlands: The Cackler Kickstarts in 2015

Shane Hensley and Bart Sears brings the most demanded secret origin story in Deadlands history to life! Campaign runs 1/20/15-2/27/15

Teased online by Deadlands' creator Shane Hensley, the news is now finally out! The Cackler will spring to life in the pages of the next Visionary Deadlands' volume. The Kickstarter campaign for this book will launch January 20th and run through February 27th. This campaign will be to order an EXCLUSIVE edition and will be coupled with another major Pinnacle release to ramp up the 20th Anniversary celebration of Deadlands in a way that will change the Deadlands universe forever!

Check Visionary’s main site every Tuesday for updates, including Deadlands web-comic releases, exclusive previews, pre-order forms and special promotions! Subscribe on the main site to get these updates directly! Also check out upgrades on our LINKS page, with links now added featuring Visionary in the news, and our EVENTS page with our new public Google Calendar you can subscribe to.
Check out our Partner's sites for more details on their ventures into the Deadlands!

Visionary Views - Star Trek Phase II

At this point, I can't imagine anyone being a fan of Star Trek and yet somehow NOT being aware of this long-running and pretty solid fan effort, that has garnered a lot of media attention and accolades. They've been all over the net and hit some pretty high marks including featuring original cast episodes with George Takei and Walter Koenig, and landing creator/producer and former Kirk James Cawley a cameo on JJ Abrams relaunch of the franchise. They just recently released their 9th full-length episode which represents some major changes for them as a production.

First, yes, its a fan-made production and I don't mean it in a dismissive way but know that going in, so it has its rough edges. But its better than most fan productions and it started strong in a lot of areas, and has continued to improve. It features some amazing special effects, the spaceship scenes are gorgeous. The writing has improved, but still has some bumps. Initial episodes embodied the markers of fan-fiction, with cool concepts more for the sake of 'seeing it happen' then story, but since then, they've adapted scripts that ended up elsewhere in Trek lore, or been done by original screenwriters from Trek, and that has helped. Some episodes have been top notch, others astray, but all decent. Sets are faithfully reconstructed and lit, to give it a classic Trek feel, and the acting ranges from flat to not bad, to some pretty solid performances.

I will say despite the rough edges, the dedication and obvious love and respect for the series makes it rise above. I'm not normally much for fan-produced content, as I rarely get so into any given series that I'd rather pass up something else top notch and new, to explore the watered down variations of the old, but, I've made an exception in this case and follow them pretty faithfully. Maybe part of that is my own deep-set desire as a creator to someday contribute my own story to Trek lore, and thus my support of someone doing just that on an ongoing basis.

Check them out, all their episodes are hosted on their site, as well as a bunch of behind-the-scenes and supplementary material. And of course, its absolutely free, but you can also support the endeavor if you wish. (Or should I call it the enterprise?)

Visionary Reads - by C. Edward Sellner

As we're getting into the novel publishing business, and as I am committed to generating more original content for various sites, welcome to my semi-regular MUST reads, where I share the best in prose and comics that I personally enjoy!

First up, I'm going to praise new author, R.S. Belcher and the first two volumes of what I call the Golgotha series: Six-gun Tarot and Shotgun Arcana. These were recommended to me as good choices for immersing myself in horror-western when we set up our own deal for Deadlands, and I am very thankful to Jeff Mariotte for that recommendation!

Six-gun Tarot was Belcher's first published novel and I have rarely read such a strong, well-written book from a new author. Yet, he has still managed to up his game in the sequel Shotgun Arcana that I am currently loving, and am in the final stretch of finishing.

The books are horror-western-steampunk, so if you love Deadlands, you'll love these. Belcher effortlessly blends Native American, oriental and Judeo-Christian mythology and mysticism with Lovecraftian horror, and wraps all of it in classic western with a sprinkle of humor. He is an excellent world-builder, and the town of Golgotha feels and reads like a real place, populated by real people.

His characters are amazing. Diverse in background, personality and outlook, yet each fully-rounded and with their own voice and convincing perspective. To me, one of the marks of the best writers are when each and every character, even the bad guys, make sense, their actions and viewpoint, even if we violently disagree, has a nagging 'yeah, I kind of get that" feel to it. Belcher nails that beautifully.
I also salute him for being intentional in including diverse characters. He has strong females who are the most badass people you ever met, a solid Native American presence that reflects traditional, but also outsider experience, and even throws in the gay and Mormon experience, but again, none in such a way they feel forced, or as props for an agenda, instead, they're just all folks living in this truly strange little town in the middle of the 40-mile desert.

A couple final strong points... In blending all these elements and characters, Belcher also does a wonderful job of establishing backstory, not just backstory central to the plot, but little off-the-cuff remarks that remind us we're just visiting Golgotha, these other folks live there.

He also does a wonderful job of sprinkling darker elements with humor, from the awkwardness of first love, to the tried and true friendship of men and women who face life and death together.

Check them out, and if you enjoy Deadlands, The Sixth Gun, Jonah Hex, or anything in horror, or western genres, you'll love them both.

Get the First Issue of Headlocked: The Last Territory FREE!

Check out the first issue of Headlocked: The Last Territory - FREE! Then support the Kickstarter to get volume 2, featuring art by Jerry "The King" Lawler, Jill Thompson, Jamal Igle and Ben Templesmith among others! Story and art by Michael Kingston, Michel Mulipola and Chuck Obach.

In case you think our studio JUST does comics, here's a cool banner we recently did for a client to promote their products at local events in Maryland. Logo Designs: Jacob Bascle / Art: CES

A Personal Note from our CCO...

Alright folks, I'm going to step out of my official role here a little and make this personal.

When Visionary launched, a huge part of what we wanted to do was bring something different to the comics medium. We didn't want to do elevated fan-fiction that reads like bad rip-offs of the X-Men and Batman, we wanted to step outside the box. Headlocked, one of our first series, our first published into the direct market, and now our first official CREATION series is just that.

Headlocked is the world's ONLY REAL wrestling comic, and Mike Kingston is good at selling it to wrestling fans. But, no offense, I'm not talking to wrestling fans right now. I'm not personally a wrestling fan myself, so, that's not my point. I am however a damn good judge of comics and talent. I also love this medium, and love good, heart-wrenching dramatic storytelling in any medium, and THAT is why I love Headlocked.

I've gotten to watch Mike grow from his first script into a solid writer, and I've watched this story grow from being a niche target specialty project into a fully realized story that hits me hard every chapter I read. I've edited Mike on  pretty much all of the series, and this last volume, I cursed out loud when I hit the end of the last script because I wanted... I needed more.

The passion, the drive, the love of sport and art is so present in this book it moves me. So, if you haven't supported the Kickstarter, seriously consider it. If you're not familiar with the project and want to try it out, check our main site at Visionary Comics to read short stories setting up the series absolutely FREE. If you are supporting it, spread the word, tell your friends. Tell other wrestling fans, but also tell comic fans, tell fans of hard-hitting drama, tell any quality storytelling fans to get on board. Support something truly, truly Visionary.


It's another HEADLOCKED MONDAY with a classic short that flashes back prior to Mike Hartmann beginning his epic journey to become a professional wrestler, and shows us what inspired him to put it all on the line! LIVE NOW!

Visionary News Roundup

There's been a LOT going on with Visionary the last few weeks, so just in case you missed any of the good stuff, we've compiled everything together in one handy place! Check it out!

-Visionary Announces New Partnerships & Deadlands Expansion!
New Partners! New Collections! New Content! Deadlands on the Move!

-Visionary Creation Series Headlocked Returns to Kickstarter!
Our First Official CREATION Series, Headlocked Returns in Force! Wrestling and Comic Superstars are Keeping the Dream Alive!

-Visionary Opens the Doors for New Interns!
Want to Make Comics and Live in the DC-Metro Area? Be a Visionary and Join Us for Practical Guidance and Direction on Professional Projects!
Download the Interns Job Description and Overview

-Visionary Launches Web-Comics Portal with New Content!
Headlocked Short Stories! Deadlands Originals! My Comic Life! Oh My!

-Visionary Supports Local Shows United FanBoyz & Annapolis!
Get the Latest on Our Next Cons, Two Awesome Local Shows!

NEWS ROUNDUPCheck out these Spotlights on Visionary from the Comics' Media!
-Broken FrontierBleeding Cool and ICv2 Report on Deadlands!
-Times Union shines the spotlight on creator Michael Kingston!

Stay tuned for more from Visionary Central!

Headlocked Hits Kickstarter with Comic and Wrestling Superstars!


(Albany, NY) Headlocked, the acclaimed wrestling comic book drama, from Michael Kingston and Visionary Comics, has launched a Kickstarter in support of the next volume of the popular series. This second campaign continues the popular “The Last Territory” arc, launched with the highly successful first run.

Writer Michael Kingston and artist/wrestler Michel Mulipola return to continue their gritty coming-of-age story chronicling a former theater major’s journey to break into the wrestling business. Kingston explains why they’re returning to Kickstarter: “Based on the reception we’ve gotten, I know there is an audience for the book. So for us, Kickstarter has allowed us to reach that audience and essentially generate enough ‘sales’ to produce the series in a reasonably expedient fashion with the high quality that both the readers and the story deserve.”

The first volume, featuring a stunning Norman Rockwell homage painted by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, has been very well received by both wrestling and comic book fans alike.

Kickstarter backers received a special bonus edition featuring short comic stories by wrestling stars Hurricane Helms, Rob Van Dam, and Christopher Daniels as well as art from Ken Anderson, Sam Shaw, Sinn Bodhi, Scott Lost, and Rob Schamberger. “We try to go above and beyond to reward the backers for their support. The success of our Kickstarters is essentially the lifeblood of this series. So we try to give the backers something special as a reward for literally bringing this series to life.”

To that end, as with Volume 1, Volume 2 features Kickstarter-exclusive content produced by some of the biggest wrestlers in the industry. WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas, WWE superstar Booker T, and former WWE superstar Caylen Croft are contributing art  while former WWE superstar John Morrison and ROH standouts AJ Styles & Frankie Kazarian are penning short stories for the series.

For comic book fans, Kingston has lined up a bevy of industry superstars to lend their artistic talents. Jill Thompson (Sandman, Beasts of Burden) returns to provide art for the credits pages while Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), Jamal Igle (Supergirl), Box Brown (Andre the Giant), Mark Poulton (Savage Hawkman) and Ramon Villalobos (Original Sins) sign-on with the latest volume!

Despite the star power attached to the book, Kingston knows they have a lot of work ahead of them to win over longtime comic book fans. “I know given their sordid history that the phrase ‘wrestling comic’ doesn’t have the best connotation with people, but that was the reason I wanted to write Headlocked in the first place. I can promise you that this isn’t like any other wrestling comic. Everyone associated with the book is passionate about wrestling, comics, and art. I think that really shines through in the product that we put out.”

For those that missed the first volume, the folks at Headlocked have you covered, with tiers to get just the first book as a starting point, or caught up with both.

Check out Headlocked: The Last Territory Volume 2 on Kickstarter for more information!

Watch Headlocked Videos on Visionary's YouTube Channel.

Enjoy WebComic chapters of Headlocked on Visionary’s Web Comics Portal, updating with new content EVERY Monday during the campaign!

Be a Visionary - Intern with Visionary Comics

Visionary Comics will be doing interviews for our internship program at both the United Fanboyz Con in Glen Burnie on October 18th, and the Annapolis Comic-Con on October 19th. Candidates should be 18 years or older and local residents to the area. They must have a passion for comics and willingness to work on growing their skills and contributing to the studio.

Preferences will be given to those showing some skills and expertise in one or more of the following: marketing, social networking, or computer skills in Word, Excel, Photoshop, or Illustrator. Interns will receive one-on-one training in practical comic related work, on actual projects in development, as well as skills in managing a freelance career and working in comics in general. Group sessions and cross-training will also take place.

The internship is an open period for as long as the intern and studio feel the relationship is mutually beneficial. Interns who excel may be offered more long term positions and / or paid work.

For details on the shows check out our EVENTS PAGE.
For questions, please contact us through Info@visionarycomics.com

Visionary Announces Expansion and New Partnerships

Visionary Comics has been around a while, and some have called it one of the best-kept secrets in comics. Known as a top quality production studio, and the first digital-exclusive publisher supporting creator-owned projects, they also became the first production studio to throw its hat in the licensing ring with Deadlands. This fall, however, the secret is out, and Visionary is on the move.

Visionary has virtually doubled its staff in recent months, adding Webmaster and AV Chief Christiaan Conover, Admin Director Cathy Dougherty, and Art Manager Mike Munshaw. The studio has also added big guns Jeff Mariotte (comic writer, author) and Shane Hensley (creator of Deadlands) to focus on its expansion into prose publishing and transmedia development.

As part of this expansion, Visionary has announced Deadlands-focused partnerships with IDW Publishing, which will be publishing the first trade, Dead Man’s Hand, in March of 2015, and Tor Books, which will be publishing a line of prose novels coming later next year. 

Dead Man’s Hand collects Deadlands one-shots published by Visionary and Image Comics, and features a stunning list of talent: David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Lee Moder, Ron Marz, Bart Sears, Jeff Mariotte, Brook Turner, and Michael Atiyeh. The comics were called “All-Star Westerns” by the media, and the full collection has been much anticipated.

The new novel line will kick off with three books, by New York Times bestselling authors Jonathan Maberry, Seanan McGuire, and Jeff Mariotte. Release dates have yet to be confirmed but production has begun in earnest.

In the midst of all this, Deadlands remains in active development for a live-action TV Series.

Visionary has no intention of stopping there, and just announced at Baltimore Comic-Con an exclusive new line of comics under its new Creation imprint. The new imprint will debut on their new webcomics portal, now in an initial test phase on their website. The studio promises a unique line of titles, diverse in genre, format, and focus. They also promise some unique means of fan involvement in what is shaping up to be a promising launch scheduled to roll out over the rest of 2014. 

Visionary Chief Creative Officer C. Edward Sellner said, “We’ve been working toward this stage for a long time, and now that we’re reaching it, I can’t wait for the fans to see what we’re putting together for them. This is truly a new era for Visionary, and for comics.” Stay tuned for more details!

About Visionary Comics: Since their debut in 2006, Visionary Comics has become one of the first and largest digital exclusive publishers, and a full-service packaging and production studio. With their expansion into licensed material, and now a move into the prose market, Visionary continues to expand its reach and transmedia presence while building its brand of quality. For more information, go to our web site: www.visionarycomics.com

For interviews or review copies email our CCO: CEdwardSellner@visionarycomics.com

Baltimore Comic-Con Report

Special shout out to the Baltimore Comic-Con for another GREAT show! Thanks to those who put it together every year, and special thanks to the panel crew who helped make sure everything ran smooth!

The whole Visionary team had an amazing time, and it was great having our special guest, Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Even bigger thanks to all the fans who stopped by our booth or the huge numbers of folks who attended one of our sponsored or participating panels! You all are AWESOME!

We made a LOT of announcements at our This is Visionary Panel on Saturday, and we're going to be rolling out that info on our sites and into the press/media over the next few weeks.

You can find us next at the Annapolis Comic-Con, details on our main site EVENTS page.

Welcome to My Comic Life

To celebrate the launch of our new web-comics portal over at Visionary, and because absolutely NO-ONE demanded it, our CCO C. Edward Sellner is proud to announce the return of MY COMIC LIFE! The comic strip that asks "what if a comic creator created a comic strip about a comic creator who created a comic strip..."
You get the idea.

Find it alongside the good stuff over at our Web Comics Portal Now!

Many thanks for the great show at Baltimore Comic-Con! Appreciate everyone who stopped by our booth, picked up some books, prints and playing cards and everyone who attended our panel yesterday! We have one more day today, let's make it the best yet!

Don't forget our Kickstarter panel today in room 349-350 at 12 noon!

This coming week we will start rolling out teasers about our new series debuting soon, and be sure to check out our new web comics portal now LIVE on our site, with our first offerings from Headlocked and Deadlands!

It's the Dawning of a New Creation!

A New Creation Dawns

On Saturday, September 6th, at 12pm, at the Baltimore Comic-Con, a new creation is about to dawn! When we launched Visionary seven years ago, this was why. Join us as we bring new worlds, new stories, new characters to life! We officially announce our new line of comics at our exclusive panel in room 349-350. Do not miss it!

Visionary's LIVE @GenCon

Visionary has been live at GenCon since opening day on Thursday, August 14th, and what a show it's been. The largest gaming show remains one of our biggest convention stops of the year, and one of the most fun as well. Many thanks to Studio2 and Pinnacle Entertainment who are hosting us again this year, and special thanks to Pinnacle crew Shane Hensley and Jodi Black for all they do on our behalf.

"GenCon is a bit different for us this year," said Co-Founder C. Edward Sellner. "We've spent the last few months laying the groundwork for some amazing things, and GenCon has been a bit of the capstone for that prep, as some of the final pieces of the puzzle are being fitted into place."
Visionary has already announced the pending launch of a new line and a new direction for later this year, but now as things firm up, we can tell you that all will be made known as of Baltimore Comic-Con in September.

"Baltimore will be our biggest show ever, and our This is Visionary panel at the show will be where we spill a lot of the details," Sellner added.

Visionary's Deadlands' trades and specialty deck playing cards, for both Dead Man's Hand  and the Raven Kickstarter edition are available at the Pinnacle booth 1317 as part of the Studio2 island. GenCon and Baltimore will be the last major shows to get the Dead Man's Hand digest convention exclusive before that edition is forever shelved.

Comics and BIG Changes - Visionary's CCO Weighs In

Your New Captain America Is Sam WilsonWith many of the recent newsworthy developments in comics the last few days, I thought it might be apropos to post some thoughts on these kinds of events, such as the Death of Archie, Falcon Becoming Captain America, and the new Female Thor. They come after the debut of the new Ms. Marvel and a good while after Miles Morales.

First, all the outrage spewed at these changes before the actual books are even printed is a sad testimony to fandom. The blatant racism and misogyny are downright shameful and a blight on the industry, so, please engage the brains, disengage the hate.

Now, let's dig into the why.
Are these 'stunts' to increase sales? Well, I wouldn't call them stunts, but of course they are sales strategies at a certain level. These publishers are in the business to make money. They have expenses to cover in creating these books so everything they do will always at least be looked at through a lens of sales numbers. They are far better ones, in my opinion, than lenticular, 3-D, scratch-n-sniff covers that worked sometime back.

Are they more than mere PR / Sales strategies? Yes. Its been clear on a lot of fronts that many of these moves have been pushed for by creators involved, and they also clearly represent a growing awareness in comics that we as an industry are 'growing up'. Its become clear both as a profession and comics as a creative medium, that we need to become more diverse, more inclusive, and more representational. I think the creative community is responding to that and doing it how we know best: by telling stories. So in that case, its wonderful to see and we should support it.

Doesn't that make them rather agenda driven? Maybe, maybe not, who knows the various reasons behind each, but, in general, part of the wonder of fiction is how it holds up a mirror to help us better see ourselves, and to inspire and challenge us to be and do better. So, in that case, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Archie is shot down, protecting a gay man, powerful stuff that solidly hits the issues of gun violence, gay-hatred and the ongoing 'shootings' crisis escalating in our country. These are things we hear the moral outrages on and yet when they simmer, the special interests groups, lobbyists, and naysayers ensure its business as usual. There is a reason all those folks blasted this story publicly, because stories teach, stories challenge, stories can lead to change.

It's the same with introducing these new characters showing more diversity. The racists, homophobes, and sexists have come out in force, because it scares them by showing how civilized culture continues to leave them in their outdated vendettas.

Well then, why not create new characters to show this new awareness? Well, that's happening too, and has been for some time. Characters who were originally part of some under-represented groups and were more unfortunate stereotypes in the past have been moving past that superficiality into more modern and developed people. New characters have also debuted.

But a very important point here is by taking these iconic characters and bringing change, even if temporary, is that they make headlines. Its intentional that the links above AREN'T to the publishers, but major news outlets covering those events.

Again, yes sales. But, I'd like to think a good part of this strategy is also a group of intelligent folks saying, "you know, let's not just sell a gobstock of books, let's send a message." These characters make news, make debate, make opportunities to bring out the ignorant, so the rest of us can see it for its ugliness and maybe just be a little more disenchanted with allowing ignorance and make changes ourselves.

So, I embrace this wholeheartedly, I will avidly support those titles and changes. I will promote them anyway I can to the best of my ability. I am also thankful to all the haters who will help ensure others will do the same.

Why? Because these kinds of changes are important to me for the message they send, and if sales are strong, which they will be, it will lead to more, and that is a good thing.

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There's a great article by Heidi MacDonald over at Comics Beat, which includes a great graphic about the market and its amazing growth this past year. Basic news is, overall market returns showed a marked increase with the previously mentioned digital sales hitting $90 million and total sales up to $870 million. Despite the growing digital market and book store sales, comic shops still carry the bulk of those sales, which I'm hoping is translating into most shops doing well. Great to see! Goes to show comics are building their markets in all arenas, and the success of one is the success of all.

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